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Short and Simple? — I love dreamy light and capturing life in it

First and foremost and I am a mother and a military wife. Those are my most important jobs. When you do the honor of choosing me as your photographer not only are you filling my bucket...you're helping me provide for my family. And for that - I am truly grateful. I am a featured artist who has also placed in the top of a world wide photo competition. I am completely self taught and shoot with my heart.

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the less important - But still fun

I love to travel. I have quite literally dragged my freshly 6 year old(at the time) across the ocean and lots of Europe just to be able to take him to see daddy for a few short days. If you are military I think you can understand this without a doubt! We do what we have to do. I am obsessed with food as much as I am pretty light! So much so that I would make a career out of that and be equally as happy as I am here.

even more?

Okay! I was born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa. My husband and I met in 6th grade reading class and have been together since jr. high. We started our life out with two monster dogs that we loved with our whole heart and currently have one son and two cute ass kittens. I will gladly show you pictures of alllll of them!